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lør. 20. maj




Gravel cykelløb omkring Hedensted.

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Tid og sted

20. maj 07.30 – 21.00

Hedensted, 8722 Hedensted, Danmark

Om eventet

“The Strade Bianche Of The North”

We offer 2 distances - 85 or 170 km along Hedensted's beautiful municipality border. The route alternates between gravel, small winding country roads, hilly terrain, and a total of 1528hm. For the 170km. Route.

We are once again ready to host you and your friends for one of the country's most inviting and worth-seeing routes!

Join us and challenge yourself and your mates, or enjoy the ride in the good company both in our feed zones and in the finish area, with good food and high spirits.

True to our tradition, some of Denmark's young cycling talents will also attend the race event, adding a little stardust to the whole experience.

The 170km. Distance is divided into the following groups;

  • A 30km/h+ group, for the “Groad Worriers”!
  • A +/-28km/h > group, for all those who simply aim to complete this famous classic.

The 85km. Will be open for all riders at any given pace.

This event is open to everyone, from those who aim for completion, and to continental riders with titles in mind!

Safety matters! Everyone will be assisted by MC marshalls and escort cars that will take care of your safety. But remember to look after each other!

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